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Payroll, Salinas, CA ServicesComplying with payroll laws is a major challenge for both self-employed individuals and business owners today. Those who fail to pay these taxes on-time can be faced with significant penalties associated with their inability to pay. By working with our team, our clients are able to stay compliant with employment laws while minimizing costs associated with doing payroll accounting. Many of today’s firms tend to work with some of the largest companies in the payroll industry, but by working with us business owners will in fact be able to save money and get more personalized service than they could get from these other firms.

State Certified and Compliant

We pride ourselves in offering some of the best payroll services available in Salinas. All of our accountants have passed state certification tests that verify their credibility to function as legitimate accountants for business owners. Those who wish to be sure that their payroll is completed correctly can work with Yolanda’s Tax Services on any individual issue. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly how they do payroll and to ensure that all tax authorities are paid in a timely and cost-effective manner. By staying compliant with these challenging regulations, business owners can focus on their primary area of expertise and leave payroll to experts who specialize in the field of tax preparation.

Self Employed | Small Business | Large Business

We are capable of helping businesses both large and small properly-accounts for payroll. We have experience helping large corporations complete their payroll activities for their entire array of staff. We are even willing to help single individuals filing their own taxes as self-employed workers. We have experience helping thousands of these individuals complete their taxes in a timely and cost-effective manner that can save these individuals thousands every year. Since self-employment taxes are one of the greatest burdens of being self-employed, our team can help to reduce this by properly accounting for transactions and maximizing deductions.

We can also provide insights into projected payroll expenses for both the near-term and long-term outlook. Our team can alert business owners when we foresee a shortfall of revenue that could make payroll unaffordable. By working closely with our clients, we are able to alert them of issues before they become problems. This allows business owners to plan ahead for their payroll and to ensure that they have enough money to keep everyone paid. Business owners can rest assured that they won’t have to pay additional fees for late employment taxes when they work with Yolanda’s Tax Service, in Salinas.

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