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Notary Public_Services,Salinas,CaThose in need of a public notary can depend on Yolanda’s Tax Services to act as an impartial notary to certify the legality of the contract. This can give both parties the peace-of-mind of knowing that their contract is legally sound and has been certified by a legal public notary. This can make contracts much more enforceable in the court of law, and can help ensure that both parties follow through with their promises. We can assist both individuals and businesses that need assistance with notarizing a wide range of contracts.

Public Notary Services

As a public notary, we will act impartially on behalf of both parties to ensure that a contract is legally-sound. As part of the process, we will administer oaths to both parties in order to ensure that a contract is more enforceable. This can be helpful to those businesses and individuals that need a contract that can truly be upheld in a court of law. This is very helpful for those who plan on entering into large contracts where many assets are at stake. We have experience assisting with many different types of notary services to help our clients maintain more enforceable contracts.

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